Premier Performance

Premier Performance consists of girls ages 8 – 14 (grades 3 through 8).

Premier students will learn the value of being an important part of a group and that each of their voices are an integral part of the ensemble. Beginning musical skills such as vocal exercises, breathing techniques, vocal tone production, ear training, sight singing and choreography will be focused on. Through fun and exciting musical performances, they will begin to build their choral repertoire.

  • Premier Performance performs locally
  • 3rd graders may have the opportunity to be a mentor to the Prep Choir girls, and may upon occasion be asked to attend Prep Choir rehearsals to assist the director
  • Rehearsals 9:30 am – 11:00 am Saturday at Central Lutheran Church in Elk River.
  • An adult must accompany each girl to check in

Premier Performance Conductor
Amy Herfindahl
Phone: 218-590-3706